Stop Wasting Money on Planner Clips when you can Make Your Own from your Stash!

Hello, my name is Cara and I am addicted to making planner clips!

I don’t know how I got this way, but here I am and I think I have a problem! Now, mind you it’s a cute and very fun problem to have, so I’m not complaining at all!


I can really and truly make a clip out of just about anything. When I go through my supplies or get a new Hip Kit package, I go through it, and the first thing I ask myself is, ‘what can I make a clip with?’ :D

The best thing about clips is that they add personality to your planner, not only when it is open flat on your desk, but also when it’s closed up. So you can always see the clip and it will always make you smile! I absolutely love catching a glimpse of my planner in my purse and seeing a sassy little clip sticking out. I admit that I may be showing off just a little when I whip out my wallet (that doubles as a planner) in all it’s spunky glory.


People probably don’t often get to see the inside of your planner, so having clips that you can see from the outside can reflect your personality and maybe start up a conversation :D Who knows you may persuade someone to start decorating their planner!

For lots of tips and tutorials on how to make planner clips check out my latest class at Big Picture Classes.  There are 6 lessons jam packed with dozens of planner clips for you to try!

PLANNER CLIPS at Big Picture Classes


have a fantastic day

PS. Coming August First! My newest class at Big Picture Classes ‘Plan your Dreams’ takes you through how to dream big and then make those dreams come true! I help you dig deep and find out what your true dreams really are, you may be surprised with yourself :D Stay tuned!!


Are you letting Summer pass right on by?

I live in Luxembourg and as my children’s school year winds down this week, I know that most of you around the world have been out of school for a least a little bit by now. I want to talk a little about planning your summer days, especially if the light at the end of Summer’s tunnel is starting to appear.

Those of you that are going into winter now, you can still take these tips and apply them to your day, just take out the words summer ;)

I’m not talking about the big trips and activities, but, I want to focus on the everyday, summer days. The ones that seem to go by all too quickly and before you know it you are scrambling around buying school supplies last minute, thinking 'Where did the summer go?' and regretting all the things you wanted to do but never got done.

So, plan it out! 

Start with a wish or bucket list.
Then apply your ‘reality’ filter, what can you truly get done this summer? What will you honestly have the time and energy for? Then, schedule those little activities that make the cut, into your planner!!

You might be thinking, ‘but, Cara! Summer is the time to get away from schedules and have-tos!’ And yes, one of the best parts of summer is the carefree, no-schedule bit, but at the same time you don’t want to waste the opportunity to do the activities that you don’t have time for during busier seasons of the year. Take some time at the beginning of the summer to relax and recuperate if you need to, but I find that my children (and myself) do better on a loose schedule during the summer weeks.

Maybe you want to go to the new pool or the cool movie theatre to see a summer blockbuster, when it’s too freakin hot to move! Maybe a date night with hubby or a picnic in the backyard? Summer crafts, teaching your child to garden, etc.  What do you want to do this summer? As summer’s end draws near, review what you’ve done and if you weren’t able to do everything you wanted, ask yourself why? What can you do next year to better plan the summer and if there’s still a bit of time, squeeze in some fun before those cool fall days creep in onto summer.

I planned this week using my June Hip Kit Club kits. I want to get the house ready for having the children home all the time and also have a baking day while I still have an empty house. So I chose ‘domestic’ as my word for the week. To help keep me on track for this last week of school, I chose soft, calm colours to remind myself to enjoy the stillness before the house is full of boys and noise. And I added ‘stay cool’ because one, I hate the heat (it literally makes me sick) and two, to remind myself to keep my cool as having children home all day can be tiring. You may be in a different season of life and/or year so pick words and images to add to your planner that remind you of the messages you want to tell yourself every time you open your planner.

Topping off my planner spread is a cute little button clip. I did a tutorial, live on periscope yesterday on how to make these, so please come watch the replay!! If you aren’t on periscope yet, come on over, it’s soooo much fun and there are tonnes of planner girls. Find me, I’m @CaraVincens and when that cute little whistle goes off telling you that I’m live you can comment and ask questions and put in your 2cents! I love hearing what you have to say and getting tips and ideas from you as much as I like teaching them!

I do a tutorial every Thursday (usually around 10am -ish EST) using fun goodies from my Hip Kit Club kits. Last week I made some inserts for my Traveller’s notebooks. I not only had tips on how to cover an existing notebook, but I taught you how to make one from scratch. If you missed it, you can catch the replay!  


Enjoy your summer and...



Do you even remember the Resolutions you made in January?

Planner Girl Cara here today, reporting for duty to help keep you organised and motivated!

Is any one else asking themselves how the heck it’s July already?

We are half way through 2016?!??! What?

I usually take a look back at the end of every month to see what I’ve done towards the goals I’ve set for myself. The end of June marks the halfway point so it’s even more important that I check in with my progress.


Like most people I set resolutions in January, but unlike most people I have a plan attached to those resolutions. And at the end of each month I review my progress on my goals for the year. Who says you have to accomplish it all by January 15th! I give myself the whole year.

If you haven't even thought of your resolutions since that second when you laid your list down next to your mug of cocoa near the fire on January first, then, either dig that list back out or make a new one. Resolutions don't have to wait until January 1. The calendar holds no magic powers and by flipping over from December 31 to January 1 you will not become Super-Producto Girl possessing the oh-so-sought-after super power to get it all done! ;) You need to do the work, love, if you want to make those resoultions a reality. Start today by making a list and a commitment to yourself to plan the steps into your planner. Review often and adjust your plans as necessary. If you'd like more info on how to do this, stay tuned!! My newest class from Big Picture Classes is due out really soon and I teach you how to Plan Your Dreams!

I did a scope last week to review June and 2016 so far, so feel free to watch the replay.  If you aren't on periscope yet, hop on over and watch a few, there are so many planner girls!

Here is my monthly spread for June now that the month is just about over and the days are all filled in, reflecting what our lives were like in this season of our bustling family.  


My spread for this week makes me giddy just looking at it and this is before the pen! I took some of my favourite bits from the June Hip Kit club kits and made myself a ‘happy’!


I hope that the first half of your year has been wonderful! Let’s plan the second half to be AWESOME!!

Happy Planning! 

Making Manly Plans

Most of us crafters are women and so generally we tend to lean towards the feminine side when it comes to our projects. That's totally normal of course, but, we are all daughters and with Father’s day fast approaching, I decided to make this week’s projects a little more masculine to change things up. It’s fun, but definitely not easy! At least for me, I had to resist so hard not to add a doily or a bit of lace to these projects! Let's dig into my May kits from the Hipt Kit Club and make some manly plans! Manly
I have 5 sons, so I’m no stranger to scrapbooking boy pages, but even still, a touch of pink or a line of ribbon are often found in my projects about my boys. There is a knack however to keeping it masculine and manly, even if you add a bit of lace and frill. The first tip is to keep the lace and frill to a bare minimum ;)

To keep your projects manly and feminine-free try these tips:

  1. Use blacks or navys Any darker colour will do, like hunter greens and burgandys. Lighter, brighter blues, greens and oranges can be masculine but they have a boyish feel, and the jewel tones always feel more manly.
  2. You can’t go wrong with stripes. To keep you on the straight and narrow don't hold back on stripes. Men usually don’t like a lot of fuss and frill so stripes are perfect for men and boys.
  3. Keep the design linear. For the same reason as stripes, using lines (the straighter the better) keeps the feel of the project strong and masculin.
  4. Use dapper patterns. There’s nothing like a houndstooth, check or plaid to tell the world that this project is for a man!
  5. Keep embellishments to a minimum. The cleaner the designs the better when you want it to look masculine.

All this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a bit of playfulness on your projects. It’s quite welcome, actually, so the design doesn’t end up boring and dull and looking more like a funeral than Father’s day. Whatever whimsy you use, go light, and ground it all with the masculine touches mentioned above. My planner spread is covered in flowers but the black washi, stripes and minimal, linear design gives it the masculine feel fit for Father’s day week.


This dashboard is another example of using the tips above. There is a little more embellishment, but I kept the colour palette simple, and used lots of black accent which balances out the whimsy of the polka dots.


This last project is a little more feminine
with its flower’s and pinks but the black and white stripes allows it to blend nicely into my masculine spread, making the whole thing feel a bit more like me, it is my planner after all ;)

Last week, I posted a layered planner clip on the hip Kit Club facebook page and after questions on how to make it I gave a tutorial on periscope and here is the video:




Happy Planning!


Perfect Planner Hacks to make Your Planner Work Better for You Now!

I’m in my Happy Planner this week using my April kits from The Hip Kit Club and I’ve got some tips for you. Now normally these new HP’s don’t start until July, but I was watching Shanni Plannermania on scope and we were all brainstorming ways to be able to use the planner now and not have to wait until July to use this beauty.

In the video below I share my version and my hacks:



Here are some photos of my week before the pen: Week


 I also made some adorable planner clips! :D Clips
I’m completely obsessed with planner clips at the moment ;) Probably because my new planner clip class  at Big Picture Classes opened last week and I'm still making clips for days!!

For that square one, I used a wooden clip from Simple Stories and two epoxy stickers from PinkFresh Studios. I took two stickers that are the same size and shape and backed them on either side of the clip. I did add a bit of foam between them to make up for the thickness of the clip.

Next up are two clips using the exclusive Hip Kit Flair by Kim Watson. Flare-clips
I did add circle punches to cover the glue and top of the clip. Clip-backs


If you are as excited as I am about making clips and want to see how I made these and dozens more planner clips, then hop on over to my PLANNER CLIPS class at Big Picture Classes for everything you ever needed to know about making clips!


Last little project is a to-do list that I punched (with the dokibook disk-agenda punch) so that I can pop it easily in and out of my Happy Planner. I’m going to use pencil so that I can re-use it in future weeks, but laminating it and using a dry erase pen would work too. It’s made from the ‘to do’ exclusive 4x6 PL card by Kim Watson. To-do
I added a 3x4 card to the back with some washi and rub-ons that matches my spread, and some hand cut hearts too. To-do-back
I hope that this has helped you tweak your planner so that it works harder so that you don’t have to!


OMG Where do I Start? Planner Series: How to Make Multiple Planners Work

The planning community is so amazing.  It's fun and creative but OMG it can be sooooo overwhelming!  There's so much to see and learn and obsess over ;) There are so many different types of planners and inserts and stickers. So I've got this great series for you coming over the next few weeks.  It will help simplify everything and make choosing your first (or next) planner much easier.

Today we are talking about USING MORE THAN ONE PLANNER. How many planners is TOO MANY?


The biggest thing to consider when deciding how to use multiple planners is your schedule.  Not only yours actually, but your family’s (or any one else you need to keep track of) as well. I highly suggest keeping all the scheduled things in one planner or calendar, appointments, practices… anything that has a fixed time. You can duplicate specific schedules in other planners, but keeping one master schedule in ONE place minimises any double bookings.  Otherwise things could get really messy! 

If you’ve got little Peter’s hockey practice scheduled in one planner, but all of your family’s medical appointments are in another and your work schedule are in yet another one, you may end up in a meeting that you can’t get out of, at the very same time that Peter needs to be getting his braces on! Keep it all together and keep it simple to keep yourself organised.

click to tweet:
Using multiple planners is super fun, but keep all your scheduled things in one planner so you don't double book.

Pens and/or stickers in a specific colour for each family member (team member, employee, etc) are a great way to separate each person’s schedule within one planner.


Maybe you simply have ‘Shiny Object’ syndrome like many other planner girls (raising hand) and want a collection of planners, and every everytime a company comes out with a new style (have you seen the new Reset Girl Carpe Diem's!?!!) you have to have it. If this is you, consider using covers/binders that you can change out, not unlike how we women swap out our bags and purses. You can continue to use the same inserts, just make sure that each new planner you add to your collection can house your planner contents and they are easily switch-out-able ;)

For example, if you like using A5 sized inserts, then, when you see the newest Kikki K or Filofax (or that Reset Girl Carpe Diem) and you NEED to get one, make sure to buy the A5 size.  Or if you are Traveller's Notebook girl, always buy them in the same size, or that will hold the size inserts you use.  So no matter what planner you use, you can switch covers/binders depending on your mood and your OOTD. 


Each additional planner can have a specific purpose. There are a variety of ideas and you could have something that is maybe an extent of your main planner (that houses you schedule), but that's not required.

Some ideas for ‘purpose planners’ are Study Planner, Wallet, Christmas Planner, Bible study Planner, Harmony Binder (more coming on this soon), Work project, Social Media scheduling, Goal tracking, Health, Craft projects etc etc. If you want to use a planner you’re bound to find a reason. ;)


One great use for a planner is to plan out projects.  These could be one time projects or ones that reaccur.  Not only could you plan things out and know when the deadlines are for milestone and map out individual each step, but it’s also a great way to track your progress and know if you are keeping on schedule.


Heidi Swapp’s idea of a Memory Planner is not only a fun one, it’s rich with sentimentality. They are a wonderfully detailed look back at life exactly how it was at that time. Instead of planning your time, you are recording it immediately after it happened for a lovely recount to look back on. I have an alarm on my phone that goes off every morning to remind me to jot down a few words about the day before. Then later, I can go back and decorate. With the little bits of journaling added, they can become a rich treasure in years to come. And don’t feel like you need to have Heidi’s actual planner, any planner with enough room to write is perfect. 

 Memory planners are a wonderful, meaninglful excuse to add a new planner to your collection. 


Planners make excellent scrapbooks for once in a lifetime events, such as an upcoming wedding or a baby/pregancy. I absolutely adore the idea of tracking baby’s first year in a planner, but there are many different options here. You could use it to actually plan the event.  Or pre-decorate one and jot down little things that happen along the way in sort of a memory planner style. Or decorate one, leaving the planner bits blank and give it to bride-to-be or a mama-to be as their shower gift. So that they are the one planning or documenting, but they don't have the stress of having to decorate if they aren't the crafty type. 

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And if you're new to the Planner World and would like a free (and pretty) Planner Newbie Cheat Sheet with some of the definitions of those terms and acronyms that seem so foreign to you, but everyone else seems to know what they mean, then just click here:

Planner Newbie Cheat Sheet

I also have a class specifically to help newbie planner girls get started in this slightly overwhelming but fantastic planner world. Click here for more information:

I'm a Planner Noob! Now What?

See you for the next segment of the Newbie Planner Series!!


'May' your plans be productive

Hi, Cara here, your go-to-gal for all things planner!! :D This week I'm sharing a post that went up the other day on the Hip Kit Club blog, you can find it here.

Since Spring has finally decided to poke it’s nose out into my little corner of Europe, and pretty, happy colours are everywhere, I wanted to make some bright, happy fun projects this week. The April Hip Kit Club kits are bursting with fantastically happy colours, so which products to choose? The butterflies were jumping out at me, so I decided to do a little fluttery theme.


Imagine butterflies lightly landing on your planner. Such an airy, whimsical feel, right?

You can do that with any spread. Cut-out butterflies add dimension and interest. But here’s the kicker! They don’t add any bulk! Just like their real counterparts, they are light and delicate.  When your planner is open you can bend up their wings to have your desk look like magic is happing right there in your planner… what could inspire you more into action to get that to-do list done?

Magical planner butterflies!!

Then, when it’s time to close up your planner they simply flatten down and tuck sweetly and oh so flatly into their pages

…ok, that said, I feel like I need to confess something.

I added enamel dots to my planner!


Yah, I know, bumpy! But in my defence I added them around the edges where I won’t write anything on the backs of them and hey, I’m a scrapbooker at heart and they just looked soooo pretty and were calling out to me to use them!

Ok, now that I’ve got that off my chest, let’s look at some planner pretties!

First up is some planner pages! This is my main, keep-me-on-my-toes-and-organised planner so feel free to have a nose at my busy to-do list. It’ll get a lot more full as the week plows on.  It’s the Commit30 planner and I LOVE it!


Ok, let me pause here for a moment and just say… Shimelle is a genius!

I ADORE every last bit of her Star Shine line from American Crafts.  That is why my week is covered in Shimelle goodness! I’ve got die cuts (including that amazing globe, OMG!!), and lots of stickers. I even cut up one of the sticker strips that had little stars to use as a check list, see them cuties at the bottom of Tuesday? :D


I also added some butterflies punched from some of the papers from American Crafts, plus the butterfly from the cut apart sheet (by the lovely, and very talented, Kim Watson).


Oh, just as a head’s up, please don’t glue the bodies of the butterflies down with hot glue… they’ll just pop right off, use liquid glue instead. Um… yah… please, don’t ask how I know this ;)

I topped the spread off with the clip I made last week and one of the flag paper clips from Heidi Swapp.  Oh yes, and those enamel dots, we’ll just pretend they are flat, mmm ‘kay? thanks! ;)

Next up is my May spread, again in my Commit30 and again with the beautiful butterflies!!


This time they are fussy cut from the ‘flutter’ paper from Crate Paper.


I punched a circle from the spotty blue PL card from the kit and added the back of the branding strip of the Elle’s Studio ‘all my heart’ paper to get the teeny black dotted paper.  There are a few more of Shimelle’s stickers and die cuts and some cut part bits, along with rub-ons from Amy Tangerine and her sparkly pink washi as well.


Alright, moving along to my Gillio… this is my wallet and I had been noticing that the back pages were getting a little messed up.


I think it was Angie Jarboe that I saw first make a dashboard for the back of her planner to keep those pages neat.  One of the unique things about the Hip Kit exclusive papers is that there is a bit of gloss to them. I’ve been finding that this helps my dashboards stand up to the constant wear and tear, they really can take a beating. So I reached for that paper first and lucky me it matched my Gillio!


I trimmed down one of the PL cards and added it to the other side, that is also a bit glossy and decorated it with a bit of fun stuff, Shimelle and glimmery washi anyone? And a sweet little butterfly. I think I may have to flip to the back of my planner more often, just to take a look at her ;)


I may or may not have saved my favourite project until last.


As soon as I saw these Heidi Swapp frames, the first thing I though of was shaker dashboard!  I actually was planning on adding them to the front of a larger dashboard, but I like this mini guy even better, it fits perfectly in my little pocket wallet planner. I simply used my Fuse to make a little pocket from a page protector, sizing it so the seams would be hidden by the edges of the frames. Along with the sweet little stars that are exclusive to the kit I tossed in some random sequins I had on hand. I stuck 2 pieces from the cut apart sheet back to back, as well as 2 of the Shimelle word stickers and added those in and fused the top closed. I used my glue gun to stick it all together. On the outside I added enamel dots and one of the epoxy bits from Pink Fresh.

Here's the other side:


Ok, but here’s my favourite part! I didn’t want to punch holes directly in the shaker, so I had to figure out a way to get it in my planner. I ended up hot gluing in a piece of packaging from enamel dots (you know that little plastic bit that the enamel dots are stuck to) and punching holes in that. I picked up some glare so that you could see it better here:


The plastic is pretty thick and should hold up to wear and tear and the hot glue is holding it in there pretty strong. I’m in love and I can’t wait to show it off next time I whip out my wallet at the grocery store.

Cara Vincens-2

NSD Online Crop Graphic

I hope you are having a fantastic week and don’t forget to pop into the Hip Kit Club facebook forum this weekend for our online crop interNational Scrapbook Day! And planner girls, don’t think that because you are not a scrapbooker, this isn’t for you! I did a pericope yesterday with lots of ideas on how us planner girls can take advantage of this fun, creative day. The scope is no longer on replay, but I've put it up on youtube for anyone who wants to check it out, because you’ll want to know these tips so that you can play along with the crafty scrapbookers.  I'm @caravincens on periscope, please follow so you won't miss any future scopes. :D


4 things you NEED to do before you Buy all the Things

The planning community is so amazing.  It's fun and creative but OMG it can be sooooo overwhelming!  There's so much to see and learn and obsess over ;) There are so many different types of planners and inserts and stickers. So I've got this great series for you coming over the next few weeks.  It will help simplify everything and make choosing your first (or next) planner much easier.

Today we are talking about SHOPPING for PLANNER GOODIES


If you are new to planning, you may be very excited by all the fabulous stickers and accessories that you see out there. Heck, even us old hats are trigger happy with the buy button when we see fun new, shiny planner goodies! But, I urge you not to  go out and #buyallthethings... just yet anyway ;)

'Why?' you ask...
'There are soooo many things and I want them ALL!' you say...

Ok, I know it's tempting to but bear with me for just a second here and I'll explain.


Here are some reasons to not buy all the things... just yet.

You don't know what you'll NEED yet.
If you are very new to planning, you may not reaslise that not every sticker fits every planner.  Specific sets of stickers are designed to fit precisely into boxes and spaces of specific planners. Happy planner stickers won't fit in your personal sized planner, for example.

Also your planning needs are unique to you, someone else may use page flags to pre-plan their upcoming weeks but if you scratch it in in pencil, then there's no need of stocking your desk drawers with packs and packs of page flags from the Target dollar spot if they aren't a big part of your planning process, right?

You don't know what you'll USE yet.
If you haven't considered your activities and how you want to decorate, you won't be able to know what things you will use. For example, I LOVE coffee stickers, they are sooo cute. But I rarely drink coffee, maybe once or twice a week, and when I do, it's never planned so I don't usually add these stickers to my planner. However I LOVE putting in hockey stickers for the geeklings' hockey practices or a pretty tea cup sticker for when my girlfriend and I are planning on getting together to chat over a cuppa.

Another example is bookmarks. I think bookmarks are super cute, but, I actually prefer paper clips to hold my place. I just finished a whole class for Big Picture Classes about how to make pretty planner clips, so go on over and check it out :D

Excess Planner supplies build up FAST!
Now, I know that planner clips, sticker sheets and other accessories are pretty small and relatively inexpensive, but when you have lots of extras that you aren't using, they can, not only add up to quite a lot of money, but they can end up taking up a lot of room in your creative space. Why not save that space and money for pretty planner things you will actually use!


Ok, now for the fun part!
4 steps you need to take before you buy:

ONE: Get to know your PLANNER, use it and see if it's a good fit for you.
I'm not saying that you have to use it for months and months before you can buy stickers. HELL NO! Just make sure that the stickers will fit your planner and don't buy a big supply until you are sure you are going to use that planner for a long time first. You need to love your planner enough so that you will use it for a good while. Then you know you can invest in a stock of stickers, dividers, and dashboards that fit.

TWO: Watch your activities and Track your schedule
Depending on what you put on your schedule may have a lot to do with what products you use. There's probably no need for knitting stickers, no matter how cute, if you don't knit. You surely know already the main tasks that you do in the run of a week so feel free to start your shopping there, but over the next few weeks, watch what you are writing in your planner frequently that you could substitute with a sticker and watch which pages and sections you are using in your planner the most.

THREE: Answer me this:
Are you more of a functional planner girl or a decorator?

In other words, are you looking to add pretty decoration to the structured pages of your planner or are the stickers and accessories there to help illustrate your schedule itself? A functional planner girl likes her icons stickers of things like laundry, shopping and garbage days, alongside are her water tracker and checklists. A decorator uses pretty products that may have a set theme for the page but are not necessarily task related. For example, the whole week may have a llama or flamingo theme to it, but the tasks and activities are usually written in pen.

Maybe you fall somehere in the midde. I do :D

FOUR: One more question
What's missing?

What are you frustrated with, when it comes to your planner?  I always get agrevated when I move from the last weekly spread of one month to the first of the next.  There is that monthly spread in between, and usually a page of notes or something and I hate flipping through, trying to find the next week. So I've learned to add a planner clip to the side of my page for easy flipping.


Other solutions to common planner problems include:

  • instead of repeatedly writing a task, add a sticker, it's easier and cuter
  • a 'today' bookmark helps you find your schedule and to-do list for the day
  • tab labels are an easy way to re-assign your section dividers
  • checklist or lined boxes help, if you tend to write crooked with no lines
  • number stickers can change the dates on outdated pages to not let them go to waste.

Of course, not all planner purchases need to be justfied, there's always a reason for a little happy mail, but I hope that this post helped you whittle down your choices so that when it comes time to shop you can make a good decision and save your budget, both for space and money, for those planner goodies that you REALLY want and need.


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And if you're new to the Planner World and would like a free (and pretty) Planner Newbie Cheat Sheet with some of the definitions of those terms and acronyms that seem so foreign to you, but everyone else seems to know what they mean, then just click here:

Planner Newbie Cheat Sheet

I also have a class specifically to help newbie planner girls get started in this slightly overwhelming but fantastic planner world. Click here for more information:

I'm a Planner Noob! Now What?

See you next time to learn how to make multiple planners work!


Big HAPPY Hip Announcement!

I've been keeping my lipss zipped for the past couple of weeks and it's been tough, but today I can finally spill the beans!

I have been invited to join the Design Team for my absolute FAVOURITE kit club!

Hip Kit Club

Slide with border updatedStay tuned for lots more info, because there is something I'm not telling you just yet and it's very very EXCITING!

Go and check out all the other team members and soak up all their awesomeness :D

And check the Hip Kit Club Facebook page,  Hip Kit Club blog, and Pinterest page daily, for amazing ideas and inspiration to make the most of your monthly Hip kits.

OMG Where do I Start? Planner Series: What Inserts do I Use?

The planning community is so amazing.  It's fun and creative but OMG it can be sooooo overwhelming!  There's so much to see and learn and obsess over ;) There are so many different types of planners and inserts and stickers. So I've got this great series for you coming over the next few weeks.  It will help simplify everything and make choosing your first (or next) planner much easier.

Today we are talking about PLANNER INSERTS and I will compare the two main types to help you make a decision on which one would work best for you.


If you've been around the planner world social media scene a little bit, you may have heard about vertical vs horizontal or #teamvertical and #teamhorizontal. You may have thought ‘what in the heck does that even mean?’  Well, I’m here to clear the mud! These refer to the different orientations of the insert pages inside your planner.  The days may be arranged in a vertical or horizontal set up. 

In a vertical day, your space for each day is long and runs down the page, but in a horizontal it runs across. Here's a video that shows a bit more the two orientations.


A lot of planner girls feel very strongly one way or another, once they get settled in a planner system that works for them. Some girls change their minds, after loving one orientation for a long time they suddenly discover the other arrangement suits them better, at least at particular moment in time and what their needs call for.  Both set ups have their pros and cons and both may work for you, just for different needs. Or maybe there’s one that you’ll prefer over the other.  Of course, there are even more differences within each set-up, but let’s just stick with vertical vs horizontal for now.


Team Vertical

This set-up works really well for those planner girls that like to list out their days or tasks. Listers gotta list! It’s also ideal for those who have a lot of appointments or things to schedule in because the times can be aded along the side.  Vertical

With a vertical planner you can have your whole week laid out one day after another, in a natural procession. It’s great for linear thinkers and those who like to check things off. And it’s easier to break up your day into boxes going down.

Even though the surface area of the boxes may be equal to those on a hortizontally laid out page, it seems easier to decorate for a lot of planner girls in a vertical box.

However, it doesn’t leave a lot of room for writing, like with journaling.


Team Horizontal

This set up is great for people who plan like they read, left to right and then top to bottom.


Horizontal spreads, when well designed, look more appealing (though I have yet to master decorating a horizontal layout!) It's very good for noting appointments, events and activities. It’s easier to decorate by crossing over the lines with bigger stickers for a more coheasive design.

It lends well to journaling, memory planners and telling the story of your day.

It’s also great for doodles and cute activity stickers.


So there you have it!

I have to say that I was stumped when it came to the horizontal layout, I’m team veritcal all the way, except when it comes to my Heidi Swapp memory planner. So here'sa big shout out to my girls on periscope who helped me come up with all the awesome things about horizontal pages. Thanks ladies!!

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See you next week when we resist buying all the things!