A Simple Insert or Booklet Tutorial for You

Let's make a fantastic little booklet that you can use to corral print outs, in a cute and organised way.

Have you ever printed off planner pages, or a document or even a workbook for an online class, only to have the loose pages stay in a pile on top of your desk? They eventually pile up so high, along with other printouts, that they slide off onto the floor into a massive mixed-up mess? Or maybe you hole punch them and put them into an ugly office supply store binder. A binder that you found in the back of your husband's office shelf. It has a coffee stain and the corners are ripped and curling back to show the cardboard inside. This binder not only makes your otherwise super-cute work area look nasty, but it's so bulky and takes up too much room and keeps getting in the way.


I've got a great solution for you to be able to print off those planners or workbooks and keep them neat and small. It's portable and can slip easily into your traveller's notebook.

I'm going to be using my printable Commit30 file as an example, but it works with any print out. It's no secret that I adore the versatility of the Commit30 and the fact that it comes in a printable version makes it perfect for this TN loving, lefty, planner girl.

To get your own printable Commit30 PDF so you can play along, you can head to this webpage. Jenny, from Commit30 is giving away PDFs for the Oct-Dec pages, you simply need to share it out! If you are looking for the 2017 printable planner you can find that here, it's only $5 so it's a no brainer!

This video will walk you through my process and below I've written the steps out for you:

 If you are more of a step by ste person, you can follow this simple process:

1. Once you have the file that you want to print, the only other thing you need is Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download here for free. Then, you can open your PDF there. 

2. In Acrobat Reader, select FILE and PRINT to get the following window:

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 15.47.51

3. If you are not printing the entire file then you will want to add the range of pages under 'Pages to Print' and then click on 'Booklet' under 'Page Sizing & Handling'. Please pay attention to any pages that should end up facing each other. Left side pages should be even numbered pages in your new booklet. You can double check this on the bottom right with the miniture image of your booklet.

4. Under 'Page Sizing & Handling', the default settings should show 'Booklet subset' as 'both sides', 'Binding' as 'Left' and 'Orientation' as 'Portrait'.  If not change these.

5. Also under 'Page Sizing & Handling' the 'sheet's from' blanks will tell you how many sheets of paper to add to you printer if you want to use a different (thicker) paper than the ordinary printer paper. 

6. Hit Print :D

7. Trim a piece of patterned paper to the size of your sheets and line up the pages so that the first page of your file ends up facing the inner side of your patterned paper.


8. Fold the centre page in half, this will automatically give you the centre of the page so you won't have to measure. It will also give you a stitching guide that you can follow with your sewing machine needle, as long as the light on your machine is bright enough to see it. If not, trace it lightly with a pencil.


9. Stitch the pages together and trim threads. An all purpose or 'jean' machine needle work best when you are sewing through a big stack of thicker paper. You can also sign up for my free class here, if you haven't already, to learn different binding options, if you don't sew or don't have a sewing machine. 


10. Fold all the pages towards the centre, one or two at a time, alternating from the front to the back to get a nice evenly folded booklet.

11. Using a paper trimmer (or scissors) trim off any page edges that are sticking out. 


12. Round your corners if you that's your thing

And that's it!!

Enjoy your book and HAPPY PLANNING!



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So what does that mean for you? 

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How to feel CALM, not stressed, no matter how busy you are.

I want to talk a bit about planning, but it may not be what you are expecting. ;)

I think that a lot of people pride themselves in being busy. Being able to list off all the things we need to do, or a long list of things that we were able to cross off on any given day is like earning some kind of busy badge or medal of honour.

But, I want to you to think about adding some white space to your day, today.

Not only in the design of your page, but actually in your schedule. If you are anything like me, you are forever trying to fit in just one more task or one more errand before an appointment or pick up time for your kids. I usually end up late, or stressed that I’m going to be late, and both of those make me cranky! What a way to greet my children right? :P

When I take the time to add in white space, a mid morning cuppa, leaving the house with lots of time to walk to the bus, or get the errands done, I’m a much calmer person.

We tend to overestimate what we can get done in a day. So I am challenging to try and not jam pack your day with a million tasks and obligations. Give yourself some breathing room. Work it into your design. Leave literal white space on your planner page, which can, not only be white spots that are left blank, but also stickers or die cuts or anything else on your page that makes you smile.

On my page for yesterday, I left space around each of my plans and added some die cuts from my Hip Kit Club kits.  I love the ‘a million tiny things’ sticker.
This little guy packs a punch and has quite a few jobs on this page, and his friend 'Life is now’ lends a helping hand.

First, it’s pointing out all the small tasks that I need to get done today, my task list.

But also, paired with the large giraffe, it’s a hint to me to look at those little everyday moments as more than just things to cross off of my list.

Those little things are what make up life.

For me, it’s not so much the birthdays and vacations, but being with my family and shaping my children and myself with this daily activities. I love my memories of the children stealing food as I cook it, and playfully batting away their hands with my spoon, or an older child explaining life to a younger one. Or even just being able to give my mind some white space as I do the dishes or the laundry, monotonous tasks that allow my mind to wander and dream.

This quote also reminds me to watch out for these tiny little things. Keep my eyes and ears open for those moments so that I can stash those away in my memories to pull out later when the children are fighting…again.

I hope you have a wonderful day, filled with white space!



Have you ever KISSED your mailman?

Well, that's exactly what I want to do everytime he brings me my Hip Kit club box of goodies ;)  


It's all I can do to stand still long enough to sign his electronic thingy and then I half skip, half walk up the driveway, tearing open the box as I go.

I'm so excited to share with you that I'll be on the Hip Kit Design team for another 6 month term :D


I'll be using their fantastic kits in my planner and continuing to, not only share ideas on using their awesome products in your planners, but also I do a weekly periscope with tutorials using the kits.

These are the fantastic ladies that make up the team that I am so proud to be a part of:

DT Announcement Blog


My September kits are on their way and I CANNOT wait. Watch out Mr. Postman ;)

Pl-card-collage sept

A Clean Slate to Plan

Ah a new school year, so fresh with so much potential. Just like new school supplies, clean notebooks and shiny pens, the school year smells new, hopeful, like a fresh start!

I’ve always loved back to school, it may only be my obsessive love for stationary ;) But I think there’s more to it.

I love the excuse to wipe everything clean and just start fresh.

I love the potential of that big blank space. Ideas and inspiration always come to me!

Now, of course, there’s no rule that says that you can only start over when the school calendar turns over, or at the beginning of the new year. These are just the traditional ‘fresh start’ times.

I encourage you to start afresh when ever you feel like you need it.

When things get stagnant or when you get a sparkly shiny idea that eats away at your every thought until you put into action. If it happens to be January 1 or the first day of school, that’s awesome but don’t let the date keep you from acting on what's motivating you. Let March 2nd, July 17th, any date, your birthday, tomorrow, today, RIGHT NOW be your start afresh day!!

I love the quote sticker from the Dear Lizzy pack in the August Embellishment kit from the hip Kit Club.


So of course I added that to my September spread, it was first thing I picked to add along with other goodies from my kits.

So, what is stopping you from STARTING TODAY? 


Is it fear?

Maybe you are waiting until the time is right? 

The time is right now! Make a plan and jump to it! 

If you don't know what you want to 'start today' consider taking my 'Plan Your Dreams' class at Big Picture Classes to help you get started.


I made this today bookmark live on Periscope, which you can watch here: TODAY BOOKMARK TUTORIAL I do tutorials live every Thursday using fun products from the Hip Kit club kits, so please come join us, or if you miss it you can catch the replay. Check it out so that you can see how I made the back look as pretty as the front :D

For my weekly spread for this week, I wanted it to feel special for my kids, since it’s our last full week before school starts. So, I named it 'magic’ using a sticker.

The tip-in is a die cut that I washi-ed in. I can always use a little more room on the back to write :D 



Have a fantastic week, and don't forget, you can start anytime!!

Let me know in the comments what you are going to start and WHEN?


How to find your Dreams

Every single one of us is unique! Our own gifts and talents combined with our individual experiences are unlike anyone else's.

Please share these gifts with us, it's what you're here for, Love.


Think outside the box and reach outside the boxes of your planner to dream big and show the world what you've got! One  day at a time.

Be you!

The best, most beautiful you!

The world is waiting...


The universe, God or which ever name you like to use, tries to show you what your dreams are. These dreams are meant to be shared with the world and God wants you to share them.

WE all want you to share them!

First, He will drop hints... nudges at first, then they get less and less subtle the more you ignore them. It's not your fault that you ignore them, you just didn't know that you were supposed to be looking for them! But, don't worry, God knows, and he'll keep reminding you until you figure it out!

I love this quote from Oprah:

“It whispers, and if you don’t get the whisper, the whisper gets louder,” she continues. “If you don’t get the whisper when it gets louder, I call it like a little pebble — a little thump — upside the head... The pebble or the thump upside the head usually [means] it’s gone into a problem.”

If you don’t pay attention to the problem, says Oprah, the pebble then becomes like a brick. “The brick upside your head is a crisis,” she says. “[If] you don’t pay attention to the brick upside your head, the crisis turns into a disaster and the whole house — brick wall — comes falling down.”


So? What's nudging you? Or are you getting hit up side the head with something bigger?

Open your eyes, open your ears, be aware of the hints that are being thrown at you.

What do you want to do?

These are your dreams.

Write them down.

Write them all down.

Then make them come true, share them with the world, it's what you've come here to do and...

the world is waiting :D 

If you need a little help figuring out what your dreams are, or to get started on the process of making them come true, pop on over to Big Picture Classes and take my Plan Your Dreams class. You won't regret it. I want to see you soar!! 

Shake it Off! A Shaker Dashboard Tutorial!

Shaker dashboards really scream planner girl, don’t they!! This one is a mini shaker that I made with two Heidi Swapp chipboard frames from my July Hip Kit Club kit.

I made a plastic pocket with some leftover page protectors and my fuse tool, and added some Acrylic Dots from the Hip Kit Club kit. At first I thought they might be too thick, but they worked out perfectly. For extra pizzazz, I stuck in two PL cards trimmed down and glued back to back. Then, I sealed the top with my fuse.

The frames were also stuck back to back, sandwiching the shaker pocket in with hot glue, but first to get the dashboard to fit in my happy planner I used a piece of plastic backing from some enamel dots, those things never last long in my studio so I have lots of empty sheets! ;)

I trimmed it to size and it was also sandwiched between the frames along with the shaker pocket when gluing. Then I punched some disk holes. You can use regular hole punches if you have a ring planner.

It can lay inside the planner anywhere, including peeking out the top for a bookmark.


If you'd like more planner tutorials, with videos and further instructions full of my quirky personality, check out my class Planning made Pretty and Practical at Big Picture Classes.




The story of how one of My DREAMS came True


It all started as a 'wouldn't that be nice' kind of thought that I really didn't think of as something that I could do. It was like a fleeting thought more than anything.

But, as time passed and I got a bit more organised and saw my talents grow, I realised that 'hey, maybe I could do this after all'. Still a bit of a flitty thought,  but now it was all covered in glitter and shining appeal.

Then I realised I COULD do it!

I just needed to let other people know. No one was going to go searching around looking for me, they didn't know I was here. I needed to go to them. I needed to do the work, to prove that I could do this.  

First, I wrote it down.

This changed the flitty, sparkly thing in to a tangable thing, that I could see... still a dream, mind you, but a dream within reach.

Then I set a goal.

Then I mapped out what I needed to do to get there. I didn't know every step of the way just yet, but I wrote down the first few that I knew I needed to tackle and I got to work. And I worked hard! And it paid off!

Want to know what that dream was? 


Teaching a class at Big Picture Classes :D

Now, here I am with 4 classses under my belt and 2 more in the works before the end of the year! 

Everyone says 'If I can do it, then so can anyone!' which just goes to show that EVERYONE doubts themselves and their dreams. I think that's part of the process, but if you have a dream, you should go for it!

You can follow the steps above to make those dreams come true but, my forth class, PLAN YOUR DREAMS, is all about helping people find their own dreams and planning them out so that they can come true!! Please, join us so that you can share your own success story!

Click here for more information on PLAN YOUR DREAMS

Happy Planning!

Where Your Dreams are Born and Grow into Goals

 Today I want to take you beyond scheduling soccer practice, and what’s for dinner.

What about you?

Are you scheduling in time for you?

A bubble bath, a massage? Those are fantastic, but don't forget about your goals and dreams.


If you are new to goal setting, you may be interested in how I achieve my goals.

And as a busy mom of 6 you may think that I don’t have time for myself, but I make sure that I do, even if it’s only a 15 mins task one day or while the water boils for supper another, making progress every day gets me that much closer.

If you never start, you’ll never get there!

So where do I actually begin?

With a dream! A flitty, happy thing covered in fairy dust!

Then I write that down.

Here, I’ve used my long term goal book from Planner Perfect. I’m usually not quite ready to begin working towards this dream at the time when I first write it down, so I’ll let it simmer.

As the ideas of how I want to achieve this dream come to me, I’ll write those down too. Soon enough, I’m feeling ready and I’ll attach a goal to this and then decide on the steps I need to take to achieve this goal and I’ll schedule those into my days. Then I decorate it :D


I used lots of fun goodies from my July Hip Kit Club kits to decorate this particular goal :D

This planner page is my dream and intention for the month of August, of course it won’t be complete by the end of the month, but by chugging away at it everyday, I’ll get closer and closer to my goal and create a habit going into September.

I like to set my intentions for the day here, in these blank pages and use my squared off planners for tracking things like projects and tasks. I’m a lefty so I’ve always been drawn to traveller’s notebook, if you are right handed you probably won’t know that rings or coils are a nuisance to us lefties, we just can’t get our hand in close enough! You lefties feel my pain!


My new class, at Big Picture Classes, Plan Your Dream, takes you step by step through my entire process. Starting with how to Dream Big and figuring out what your dreams are in the first place, through setting goals, listing out the tasks and reviewing your process along the way. 

Students, young and old, who have already begun, are excited as they start dreaming again and are motivated for the process of making these dreams come true!

It's a work at your own pace type of class, so feel free to hop in where you are, it's never too late!!

Won't you join us? Plan Your Dreams


Have fun setting your goals and happy planning!


"I catch dreams. This one sounds like you." -the BFG

Sophie: What's in those jars?
The BFG: Dreams.
Sophie: Dreams aren't things!
The BFG: Is that right?

The BFG banner

I saw the most beautiful film last week. 

the BFG
It’s about a friendly giant that catches dreams and plants them in people’s minds while they sleep.

Stay with me it really does have something to do with planners!

BFG: There’s been a story of a little girl, with the great adventures and laughter. Times will be hard, times will be soft, so hold your breaths, cross your fingers, here we go.

It was a wonderful, beautiful story and that’s no surprise, as it was written by Roald Dahl. Even without the story itself the film was gorgeous and the music magical, as so often happens when Steven Spielberg and John Williams pair up, but these three amazingly creative men together sent this film flying to my top 10 list of all time favourite movies!


BFG: [to Sophie] I catch dreams. This one sounds like you.

So, let’s get a little deeper into why I love this movie.

1.BFG is unlike the other nasty, people-eating giants, he follows his heart and purpose, and stays true to that big loving heart of his.
2. I’ve often said that dreams are lovely, flitty things covered in fairy dust, and that’s exactly what they are in this movie!
3. Sophie is a spunky little thing, but she has a plan (sound familiar). She knows what she wants, she knows what’s best for her big friend and she uses her own loving heart to come up with a plan to make that happen!!

Sophie: Are you thinking of a plan?
BFG: I’s not have the foggiest idea in the romp world.

See, I told you it has to do with planners!

“Dreams is full of mystery and magic . . . . Do not try to understand them.”

Everyone has dreams. Everyone was put here for a reason and your dreams help guide you to that purpose, they nudge you and inspire you and wait patiently until you realise they are there, then they take you on a wild ride full of enthusiasm and passion. But, it can petter out, burn up and flit away back into hiding if you don’t treat it right, if you don’t let it come to reality. Your job is to turn your dream, your purpose even, (one dream at a time) into reality.

Sophie: Dreams are so quick!
BFG: Yeah, on the outside. But they’s long on the inside.


My dream is to help you do just that. I want to help you take your dreams, change them to a goal and then plan out the whole kit-n-kaboodle so that it comes true!

The BFG may be the one who plants the dreams in your mind while you sleep, but Sophie is the girl with the plan. Won’t you be the girl with the plan and make your dreams come true?

Sophie: I have a plan.
BFG: Brave, Sophie.


In my new Plan your Dreams class at Big Picture Classes I help you, not only figure out what your big dreams are, but I help you make them a goal instead of a sparkly thing covered in fairy dust. We bring those dreams down to earth and get working on them to make them reality!! Oh and a bonus for Whovians, Harriet Jones PM, makes a fantastic appearance, or if you prefer Downton Abbey, it’s Isobel Crawley :D

So, please won't you join me and all the ladies who are already making their dreams come true? If you aren't a member at Big Picture Classes you can sign up for a free 2 week trial membership, which is plenty of time for you to start making your dreams come true.

click here for more information:

Plan Your Dreams

“We is in Dream Country,' the BFG said. 'This is where all dreams is beginning.”